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I am not wise or smart enough to offer solutions

to the complexities of life

Neither have I lived long enough to understand the intricacies

of life’s numerous wonders,

We are ever unfolding through the corridors of time and space

One day it is me, the next it is you,

Like a game of chess within the circle of life,

Giving way to the beauties array,

 From a baby’s cry—to the sweet fragrance of daffodils,

One evokes the senses while the other soothes them.

Although separate, yet together, each giving rise to its whole,

It is for us to touch, taste, feel, and see the precious gifts of it all

Which lies within you and lies within me,

Captured at our first given breath,

We so casually call life;

Even though it may be hard at times,

It is ours to have— paid with a price

By His omnipotence, call God.

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