The Power Of Truth

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Learning from the lives of others is not only conducive to improving who we are but serves as an extension of who we can become. Women such as Ruth, from Biblical times to the present day, serve as our go-to for gaining a deeper understanding of the direction of having a more purposeful life. Although Ruth exemplifies the power of truth, the source for being Godly, her position as a woman with purpose became solidified through God’s grace upon his acknowledgment and acceptance.

Ruth’s life reflects devotion, love, and redemption in the essence of who she was. Her “Devotion” aroused desires that resulted in engaging outcomes and being present in her life. There is a common denominator among us. We don’t do things without reasons for doing them, which seems to be encoded in our DNA; it’s just who we are. Ruth became devoted to God after learning that the benefits of doing so would outweigh all she knew while held in bondage. She had lived in bondage and had no free will; she couldn’t question what defies logic during observing evil beyond reason committed in the name of false gods. However, having the wisdom to disengage and engage with truth, which is found in the true and living God, Ruth let go and let God. God took her from living as an object in the eyes of others to the arms of Mahlon, Elimelech, and Naomi’s son, whom she fell in love with. He was her destiny helper through whom she was ushered into the gateway of her blessings.

Therefore, when Naomi lost her husband and sons, the family, home, and life as Naomi knew it was forever gone. Naomi decided to return alone, where she had begun life with her family, whom she had now lost. But, her daughter-in-law Ruth wouldn’t hear of it. No way Ruth would allow her to be alone in her old age. Ruth, in her devotion and love, attempted to erase any misgivings Naomi might have about her wanting to be with her by declaring; “Entreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for whether thou go, I will go: and where thou stay, I will stay: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God.” Ruth 1: 16 from the KJV version of the Bible.

Her open declaration of love and devotion of a soul filled with the best the spirit has to give a person in the renewal of hope within promises for a better tomorrow. The ultimate sense of not only being a part of something good but an aroused desire to become a force for the goodness that goes beyond self. This epiphany didn’t just happen but was sown by love etched by truth. Mahlon, the man of God, who set out doing God’s will, activated a set of circumstances that led to who we know today as Ruth, a great woman across the ages.

Let’s pause for a second and fast forward to the present state of our world today. Each day is volatile in its unpredictability. Looking to the past helps us understand the present and, hopefully, the future better. And our common sense tells us it’s just a matter of time before something gives because of where we are. So, what does one do while we wait?! Or should we start where we are by seeing the next person as we want to be seen? Seeing their demise as that of our own? All these are hard questions with answers found in truth! God’s truth, and with him, there is fullness of life, which Ruth discovered and used for her redemption. What Ruth knew as true at the onset of her life was evil and destructive. Yet, she obtained the strength to walk away guided by the truth, to become known throughout the ages as a woman who found love and happiness when it once seemed impossible. History recorded her finding love again with a man named Boaz after much loss and heartache. Ruth became the great-grandmother of our Saviour Jesus Christ because King David was a part of her lineage through whom Joseph, the earthly representation of a father of Jesus, came.

So, there it is; it doesn’t matter how our lives started out; it’s about the choices we make along the way and how we finish. Each day gives us another chance to end well. There lies greatness in many of us, but like everything else, a process towards getting there to our God-intended destiny must be initiated to bear fruit and not aborted. Our motivation can show our potential if activated through the truth that lies with God. God is the key to life’s mysteries, and truth turns probabilities into possibilities. Peace!!

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