By Devine Intervention!

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I became led to revisit the story of Ruth, the Semitic woman from the Bible, commonly referred to as a Moabite, by delving deeper into the many layers of her life. As I peeled back those layers and saw the richness of each layer, Her story cannot be glossed over but should become highlighted for what it is, a testament to who God is in the lives of those who accept and serve him wholeheartedly. In her formative years, she was sold into slavery by her father, which was the norm in those times. Children being impressionable made it easy for her owners to brainwash her into seeing life through their eyes. She became conditioned to do her handler will, that involved grooming children as sacrifices to their idols, whom they saw as gods. Fervent in her belief born out of ignorance, she became proficient at what was expected of her, doing her master’s will. In time by divine intervention, the dynamics within her experiences shifted, replaced by her season of change, proceeded by a host of emotional and social upheavals setting her life on course within the fulfillment of her destiny. For those of us who are faith-led, we believe nothing doesn’t just happen! There is always an underpinning outcome time will reveal. Going through life’s processes is never easy; it sometimes takes us to the edge but not over it, which is where an awakening occurs. While going through what is necessary to prepare us for another level in life can feel like being trapped in a storm. No matter the circumstances, once we know who calms the wind and that He controls the water, it becomes a no-brainer in our response; we find peace. It becomes natural to line up with the things of God, who oversees all. Ruth’s storm began when she saw the truth of life. Isaiah 42: 8 of the JKV Bible stated: “I am the Lord: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images.”  Acceptance of God’s truth, it’s like light shining into the darkness; all that once was is no longer on accepting fact because the truth is unchangeable, and so is God. In coming into the truth of God, especially for a non-believer, it seems things get worse before they become better[…]


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