Is It Just Me?

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Is it just me, but something seems to be brewing as the days go by, which heightens sensitivity and awareness to sure up one’s place in the scheme of things with God? The daily news has become a diet of a steady gloom and dome, intensifying one’s trepidation to inquire, “What’s next?!” It almost makes you apt to believe the sky is about to fall. However, history is a go-to example that nothing is new under the sun, and when people ignore the past, regrettably, history will repeat itself. However, amid upheavals, there can be rebirth and changes towards redemption. It’s all a choice; hopefully, those choices will be beneficial. At the crossroads of life, when renewal becomes the central theme within challenges that serve as a testing ground for sifting out what isn’t profitable for advancement, it’s like birthing pain. One thing for sure is that whatever is on the horizon, I pray it may favor us. And the future does not replicate the past but shows us what can be possible to become a better version of who we are. You and your family have a safe and blessed weekend, and don’t minimize the gains you’ve made; even if it’s not as hoped, life happens in steps, and we can only take one step at a time. Stay safe, and thanks for stopping by. Peace!!

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