Being Reminded!


In these times of unpredictability, it’s comforting to be reminded regularly of who is in charge and has the final say on this journey we’re on, “Life.” In that place of solace and peace on reading Ms. Jackson’s poem, I became invigorated, being reminded of the importance of God, who has the final say.

I Need You!

Like a moth to light, I’m drawn to you

Just as a composer of a tune,

Like a bee to pollen and inexperience to youth

I’m drawn to you, Lord, in all I do

Like a wave follows a tide, in the moonlight

Just as my heartbeat tries to pursue life,

Like a puppy lives to please, and as night makes stars shine

My soul longs for you, Lord, to make you mine,

Like lungs need oxygen to breathe in

Just as babies need someone to clothe and feed them,

Like humans need love, and fish need water?

I need you, Lord, above you; there’s no one.


Sandra Jackson

Taken from ‘The Proof of Life,’ on sale at

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