Falling Into Place!

Photo by Matheus Natan on Pexels.com

Things usually fall apart before they fall into place. Therefore, breathe a sigh of relief at what seems normal but is known to be abnormal as we walk away. A case in point is interacting or engaging with what bleeds the substance of our beings, attempting to short-circuit our potential or derail God’s promises of our lives. That should be seen as a distraction and handled with avoidance at all costs.

The story of Ruth, a Moabite woman taken from the book of Ruth in the bible is an example of perseverance and the favor of God. What stood out the most about this woman who grew up worshipping a statue as her god and had taken part in killings as sacrifices to that god? She had no other point of reference to what the truth was. Therefore she believed and adhered to those beliefs wholeheartedly. Like her, some of us operate from a place of what we believed is true. Which has delayed our best life yet. For Ruth, fate intervened, and she fell in love with a man of God who led her to accept that the statue was not a god, and in what amounts to her epiphany, things began to fall away within her evolution, starting with losing the man she grew to love who led to the truth. As a result, there arose an unset of heartaches that she couldn’t have imagined in that awakening. By her embracing truth and rejecting a false God, she became hunted, which led to her being abused, but she never wavered from her newfound belief and did what she must and remained on that path of truth, even if it meant working in fields so as not to starve; she did what she had to.

What also struck me about Ruth, was the embodiment of the heart and hope of many of us! When she realized she was operating from a place of deficiency starting with her ignorance, she did something about it. She accepted the errors of her past and didn’t hide from them. When those pasts came at her, threatening her survival, she stood and faced the aftermath in faith. She could have lied whenever confronted about her past. However, she spoke the truth, and not only did God favor her by bringing love again into her life, but she also married in wealth and became a part of the lineage of Jesus Christ through her offspring. Her story taught me the importance of not becoming unraveled, and what one must go through to arrive at God’s intended purpose for our lives lies on the horizon of time within His Providence. Therefore, never lose focus while moving towards getting to the goal post of life, whatever they may be, as we go through challenges; because God holds the key.

I wish you all a safe and fulfilled week! Peace!

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