In Celebration of You!

Friendships formed in encounters based on mutual respect, shared values, and commonalities give cause for celebration, and this is where you come in, Lorna. I’m a benefactor of true friendship which you brought. So I take this time to honor you, my friend. Lorna and I met over thirty-three years ago at an event in New York. We have watched the evolution of our family and us throughout the years. We laughed and cried together, and the dimension and influence of our friendship in the framework of unconditional love and support stood unshaken. Lorna, you will forever be my friend. 

We met on a late summer’s evening in 1989 at a variety showcase in Brooklyn, New York, where I was part of its production. The atmosphere filled with anticipation of the evening’s pending event, scheduled to begin at 6 p.m.; excitement was all around us. Quality and punctuality were necessary for the planned event, which made each moment intense as it got closer to Showtime. Then, while delegating the evening’s program, I heard a familiar voice yelling my name from the rear of the room. I turned to see and saw a familiar face; it was a mutual family friend, and he wasn’t alone. 

“How are you?” I called out to him from where I stood.

There was a beautiful woman next to him who I had never met. Her smile made her eyes sparkle as her eyes and mine met. It was obvious she, too, felt the electricity in the room. She seemed close to his age and unsure of their relationship; I assumed she was also a family friend of his.

 “Yes, how are you? I see you’ve got company!”  I yelled across the room, redirecting my focus to the woman he was with, then quickly turned my focus away towards where the models were preparing behind a thick curtain for their privacy.

“Where are you, Ladies? We have only fifteen minutes before show time. I want to make sure we all are on the same page! Each of you has one and a half minutes on stage to show your piece. You must be ready to change into the next outfit for the next presentation quickly! It would be best if you were quick about it!”  I stated firmly.

“Marjorie!?” Again, he called out to me.

“I know it’s a bad time for you, but there is someone I would like you to meet after the show!”

“Ok!” I agreed, briefly glancing in their direction as I added the finishing touches, ensuring that things went as planned. I was also the MC for the evening. I swiftly walked away with a quick farewell, assuming my position on stage.

That initial meeting led to a friendship based on admiration and mutual respect for these many years. In addition, Lorna’s exposure to three different cultures throughout her early years of residing in three countries has given her an approach of authenticity that is refreshing and heartwarming, a byproduct of social assimilation through those varied experiences across those continents.

 Lorna exudes charm, thoughtfulness, compassion, loyalty, and warmth that could only come from that place of love. She is willing and ready to be of service whenever needed, especially to those who are often overlooked or marginalized.

 These qualities make her endearing to those she meets. Lorna is a woman of faith with inherent goodness. A ready willingness to serve others, without personal gains or a hidden agenda but for the greater good of those she aims to help!

One of the fascinating things about her is although she lost her mother in infancy and shortly after her father, you would never be able to tell she grew up an orphan by her well-rounded personality. The challenges of those early years have given her an unusual depth of kindness; everyone she meets wants to be her friend. Her children and grandchildren are the highlights of her life. On this special month, I wish you, my friend, continued support, blessings, and love in our sisterhood. I love you, and thanks for being a part of my life; you help make the difference and will forever be a part of my story as I am of yours. Enjoy your day when it comes!

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