In Light of This Reality!

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In light of this reality, I’ve heard it said, you are what you eat. Therefore, if one indulges in consuming non-nutritional foods, poor health and obesity usually occur. Equal emphasis should be placed on behaviors resulting from thoughts that some refer to as unhealthy thinking. Negative behaviors resulting from those thoughts can have devastating outcomes. Behaviors that cause angst with infiltration of the worst instincts, ones considered indefensible, should be of concern! That way of thinking darkens the soul and erases one’s joy. A joy that arouses the best the heart could dream of with the hope that life could be good, especially when efforts are extended that assures it.

The size of one’s waist versus one’s behavior is miles apart. One can be threatening, while the other can easily be remedied, leading to good health. However, on the other hand, behavior spills over into negative responses beyond one’s self, and like burning, embers could destroy a city. This mindset cannot be easily changed like someone’s diet. How we see ourselves and others in the scheme of life can trigger reactions resulting in negative outcomes depending on where we are coming from. However, if the value in each other can be identified starting with how we came to be, starting with the fact someone carried us for nine months with anticipation and hopes that our lives would reflect the best of them in the advent of time, the value begins there.

I found it perplexing how easy it can be to become swept up in the mundane or frivolous and lose sight of what’s at stake, life, yours and mine! There are laws of God, Nature, and Men, but the laws of God take precedence over all of life, Nature, and Men. This is proven every day in light of the reality of our lives. Whatever we decide in tone or kind, the conveyer of those circumstances keeps us ever aware of our fragilities and on our toes. The awesome beauty and yet ferociousness nature unleashes at intervals are a sliver of real power, which are out of our control. Almost daily, God shows us who really is in charge. The importance of being in sync with life is a downpayment on our tomorrow, and success or failure depends on our approach. The choice is with us! Life in its sum intersects at points that intrigue, frightens, and inspire; the scriptures of the Bible bear knowledge, witness, and evidence of that. Therefore, if one allows personal weaknesses to become the driving force, morphing into harmful behaviors devoid of accountability, irrespective of who gets harmed, none are immune, not even the instigator.

We were meant to dwell together, not necessarily in the same settings but on earth, verified through God by Him ensuring that man wouldn’t be alone, therefore giving him a companion. Everything comes from God through men to men. Yes, God uses men to bless men. So, whatever we ingest or consume only affects or benefits us individually. However, when our behavior breathes toxicity, its adverse effect ripples through lives beyond ours. And just like walking in the rain alongside others without umbrellas, everyone will feel the aftermath of being wet, and some might even become ill. Therefore, whatever is decided in our exchanges, the conveyer of life, and time, keep scoreboards. There are usually no winners in the final analogies because we are in this together. We are in this life walk together; even if unaware, each life depends on another despite socioeconomic and the structural norms that guide us. This is why the good book warns us to use wisdom in all we do because the one who sometimes gets hurt the most was unintended. Peace!

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