No Straight Lines!

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There are no straight lines to arriving at whatever station or destination one aspires to without detours, setbacks, and even setups. It’s just the nature of things. When we looked back on our early years as teens with wide eyes, full of expectations, and were even certain that whatever our dreams or desires were, they would become realities, life has taught us otherwise. For a few, those yesterday’s expectations manifested in later years but not without the hiccups along the way. For many, it’s making adjustments and even settling as adults. These realities remind us that childhood innocence should be protected and encouraged because those formative years are few, and within that time, personalities are formed, and emotional security becomes established. It’s upon that foundation that lives are built, which withstood life’s challenges. However, for those who didn’t get a start in their lives, challenges have a more serious impact to the point of severing what they hoped.

I am not certified by the school of psychology. However, I have lived and experienced on all fronts of the human experience lessons of life, which has equipt me to arrive at this conclusion, ” there are no straight lines to getting us to whatever we desire in life.” Within this scope of thinking and understanding, I attempted to engage through my writings not only to have something to say but hope what’s said has a reader with whom, better yet, a meeting of the mind. I truly believe this realm of interaction gives us a unique opportunity to narrow our differences that come about through misunderstanding or lack of communication. It’s interesting that when children get together, it doesn’t matter how the other child looks, sounds or dresses; they see a playmate, and they easily form a common bond erasing any apprehension exhibited upon meeting. My key thought here is knowing how little we are in control of how our lives are as they unfolded in those early years and later in life; that power is still unpredictable. Like children, if we look beyond the surface by allowing us to see the other, our realities could be more harmonious. Also, we would be benefactors and know this walk we are on it’s in God’s favor and mercies that we thrive. Therefore, be at peace and accept what cannot be changed, and have the humility to embrace the differences that surround us. There are no straight lines to the things of life; within its processes, characters are built, empowerment is realized, and we can only do our best. However, what can we do when our best isn’t good enough? There are those of us who are in this space and decided to live and let live. Peace!

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