In Acknowledgment of Teachers

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I was inspired to write about teachers due to the chronic teacher shortage. I must reiterate the magnitude of their input in a civilized society is irreplaceable and incomparable. I wrote this piece in May of this year, and here we are in August, faced nationwide with the dilemma of a critical shortage of teachers.

Factors that have threatened the profession have long been coming, and now that it is here, there has to be a constructive approach that benefits all involved. I hope this issue we face as parents, grandparents, and all members of society interested in seeing us advance through knowledge will become engaged and objectively find an answer to securing a way of life that benefits all through what teachers bring to us.


Teachers! (Repost)

Tuesday, May rd, will be celebrated as Teachers Day. Teachers are a vital part of the advancement and productivity of societies. In conjunction with parents, they are the framers who shape the lives of children and adults in higher learning across all spectrums of life. On average, teachers wear several hats. They are responsible for imparting and educating children and adults to achieve efficiency in life’s skills. They also act as social workers, counselors, friends, protectors, and even surrogates, filling the gaps needed to ensure economic and societal feasibility for the advancement of all. Yes, emotionally vested teachers advance society and add to these dynamics of who we are as a whole by going beyond expectations or monetary rewards.

On a personal level, a teacher at my elementary school laid the foundation for me to believe I had a voice and could do whatever I set out to do. As an eight-year-old with a curiosity and thirst for self-expression through poetry and storytelling, I recalled being invisible as one of several children. However, it was a teacher that created the difference. This particular teacher, Mrs. Campbell, took an extra interest in me. I recall vividly Mrs. Campbell giving me colored construction papers and ribbon to create my first book of poetry. I cut the pieces of construction paper down to average book size and used the ribbon as a binder, holding the pages together. On presenting my finished work to her, she celebrated my efforts with an acknowledgment in front of my peers. I recalled how glowingly she spoke of me and encouraged my classmates to follow their dreams by starting where they were and using whatever was available. She discovered where my heart was at, and on moving to another grade, she gifted me a Bible; I was over the moon on receiving her gift. As young as I was, it was less about what she gave me and more about validating and letting me know someone not only saw me, they heard me, and that stayed with me to this day.

Putting a day aside to commemorate Teachers is wonderful, but it should go beyond a day and be every day and they should feel their worth and value through those they serve. Their due worth and respect are notable and invaluable, for society would be at a disadvantage beyond our comprehension without the contributions of teachers. Thanks to Teachers everywhere for your input and impact on securing communities globally; we appreciate what you do. Sadly for me, Mrs. Campbell is no longer with us, but I carry her in the warmth of my spirit. Thank you to teachers everywhere for the contribution you make!

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