Decisions, Decisions!

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My heartfelt belief is that by clearing out the landmines of the mind, a fertile ground for the best of what is possible becomes possible in what we decide. In the framework of God’s promises for us, the light of our souls awakens flurries of ideas that provide answers for which we searched. Thoughts colored by belief systems and life’s experiences shape our results. However, as mortals, we are susceptible to insecurities and frailties encoded by the powers that cause us to be. Some ideas can derail the primary objectives we aimed for, initiated by an internal battle sometimes rages in an attempt to change the trajectory in our favor. This comes about through an influx of ideas that comes at us without time to adequately process them. As engaging beings, we must make decisions about almost everything we do daily.

There are moments, especially ones of consequential decisions, that are never easy and can be difficult to make. However, our core beliefs built upon truth and faith in God makes it clearer through guidelines and principles grounded in scriptures. Sometimes those decisions are unpopular and even uncomfortable, but convictions and love formed into the semblance of Godliness will show the way! Knowing and having a source of direction with a proven track record by leadership ingrained in love, forgiveness, and acceptance, God becomes a no-brainer in what choices to make. The leveling field for most of us is our life’s stories. Those tainted by some of life’s misadventures add credibility and a common bond by having moved on. The unconditional love of God has given us the freedom of choice in every area of life; even the option not to acknowledge Him if we so choose it’s a decision. The lessons of the past provide basic insights as to what is best.

It is almost impossible not to see the value and worth in our choices when they come from a good place! However, the finite outcome in decisions is always to be mindful that every conclusion, even when it seems exclusive because it’s personal or collective, goes beyond self. How so? Show me a person who is completely independent of others. None of us are! We are codependent on one another; even to eat, someone grows the food. Therefore, decisions manifest into deeds; their outcomes become a part of life! Life has taught me the power of decisions, and some decisions can create graveyards of our lives, indirectly or directly. And they can leave headstones which are those constant reminders of where one messed up within memorials of those mistakes constantly pulling at us, and even making our lives becoming footnotes as not what to do, and worst yet fracturing it. Like others, I have some headstones as reminders, but I found peace knowing there is a God that loves beyond reasons and in and out of seasons. God loves us and wants the best for us all! The Lord laid this on my heart, and I had to share, and I pray that our decisions will serve us well going forward from this day and always. May this week be all that you hope for. Peace!!

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