A Portion!

Photo by Ivy Nguyen on Pexels.com

Today, my first instinct was to write on material wealth resulting in emotional poverty. However, as I sat to write “Proof of life,” written by Mrs. Sandra Jackson, that laid on my desk caught my attention and took me in another direction. This poem seems to leap out at me upon reading it.

A Portion!

Some people can tolerate ya

As long as you’re crawl’n

But not when you’re standing strong,

Upright and walk’n

That’s how you know

Your true friends and loved ones,

They rejoice in your best

Not just when they can out best ya

How many times have I thought

Someone has my back

Just to find out later, they’re tormented,

Cause of where I’m at

“Give a man or woman a fish

They eat for a day,”

For some, that’s no problem

Because of the power, they have in play

“Teach a man or woman to fish,”

Then in some, it generates fear

Cause what if they catch more fish than them?

The role reversal and despair

What a beautiful thing

When we can all live

With a portion of dignity

And that, willing to give

I can hear it now

“Respect has to be earned!”

But remember, God, bestowed it on all of us

When we didn’t deserve it at all.

I hope this week, with all your efforts, was one of satisfaction, and as you approach another weekend of rest or leisure, times spent will empower you. Stay blessed and be in the light. Light is necessary for seeing the way and knowing your worth. Peace!

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