Live, And Let Live!

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The wisdom of aging is that some of us come to a place where life takes on a more profound meaning that we hadn’t realized earlier. However, this isn’t true for everyone in the same age bracket; for some, it’s a perceptual state of being more of the same, only their physical appearance changes over time. The difference between the two is that although their approach and perception differ, that defining thread of circumstances creates similarity and familiarity between them through the aging process. Their susceptibility to health issues crosses every manmade barrier to affect both. It’s within that crossroads of those unknown that it benefits us to pause long enough to see that acceptance is a gift to ourselves and others. It alleviates wasted time and energy being critical of each other and putting up roadblocks to facilitate hindrances. No man can sin against another, none! Man can sin only against God. Once that known truth is received and accepted for what it is, relationships initiated will honor life. The reality becomes more evident in the processes of time and gets clearer as our steps slow down, our sight grows dim but expands our hearts to conclude. “Live and Let Live,” so harmony will prevail; our tomorrow is already decided by God. Peace!

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