Each Day Is A Gift!

Photo by Artem Saranin on Pexels.com

As images cascade through our minds of times and places we held dear, a deeper sense of purpose with directions becomes clearer as we look towards the future. Teachings from the Bible remind us, “Nothing just doesn’t happen!” Instead, every experience gained is a building block of something bigger and greater than oneself. And with time, a clearer understanding is achieved with direction, and what once was a puzzle is now understood. Here an awakening encouraged us in another chapter of our lives by showing us the way. 

 Each day is a gift, and that gift, at times, can be a challenge. However, this would be a hollow world without us in it. Therefore, let us remain aware of our role, place, and importance to the magical experience we know as life and living, as our dreams unfold and our impact makes the difference. Life would be without meaning if it were without you and me. So, there is always meaning in all of life’s occurrences. Once we can hold this truth like a banner as a reason to move forward, never lose hope, the motivation to believe, starting with believing in ourselves, “Nothing just doesn’t happen!” Whatever we think we are, we belong, which is why we are here in this vast experience with promises of a future. By believing in the possibilities yet to unfurl by the powers that cause us to be, the realization becomes apparent that the greatest change begins with us. When faith, purpose, and promises combine, their rippling effects form our footprints forever etched in time. I don’t know about you, but my hopes are that when my race is over, which it definitely will, there will be footprints that reflect a walk worth mentioning. Thanks for stopping by! Peace!

Bradley Beach, New Jersey. M. Delores

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