Points of Life!

There are periods in our lives having introspection about how we evolved throughout the years gives us an ah, ah moment. I call them ‘Points of life’ because those moments accumulatively create a total of who we are as individuals as they enlighten and empower us. As we go over each scenario, realizing the dynamics of their role and how they intersect our lives at different points gives us pause to analyze and actualize those events. However, although separate, each tangible imprint serves toward a bigger picture and unveils what we need to know in time, which provides us clarity. So, those “Points of Life” are events that link our functionality with presence in periods that help us advance, no matter if it seems inconsequential. They add direction with reason in our journey, and with patience, perseverance, and willingness to keep trying, those ‘Points of Life’ will serve us in the advent of time.

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