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Sandra Jackson

Had to master my piece of life

Not anyone else’s, just mine, myself,

Oft we point our finger away from ourselves

When that finger is needed to repair, not denounce

Intricate issues I had to ponder

Like how I chose to worship my father,

Manmade beliefs had almost choked out

Joy I received from God at the start

Now hearing preaching is more like teaching

Not God’s direct voice through the one who is speaking,

Sure sometimes they can be heavenly inspired

But they’re also human, so verification is required

So many gray areas preached black and White

Opening up turmoil within one’s mind,

If the truth’s occupation is to make us free

Why does my offering determine if I get the key?

Love has to be life’s paintbrush

Not idiosyncrasies manmade and enforced,

Everyone telling me what life to lead

But without love, it’s just not a masterpiece!

Sandra Jackson is one of my favorite poets. She comes from a place of honesty without cowardice while practicing what she preaches. I met her several years ago at an event, and we stayed in touch via phone calls or text; meeting her left an impression that kept us engaged through the years. Sandra is like a ray of sunshine; her greatest gifts come from her heart. It’s important to acknowledge those like her; God knows they are our standards bearers. Thanks, Sandra, for your soul expression.

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