This Juncture of Understanding!

I am not simply faith driven; over my lifetime, I have seen how believing unfolds hidden desires in ways that leave me prostrate on the floor with gratitude to God. Let me fast forward; I’m a product of a culture steep in secrecy. Trained to believe everything that goes on in one’s life, no matter what, no one should know the truth because how others think of you should be colored by a narrative; even if false, that all’s well when your life is on fire. I am sure this isn’t uniquely my experience but that of countless others. We are all products of our environment.

I discredited that way of thinking several years ago after discovering that advancement revealed through scriptures led me to grow in the things of God. This revelation allows me to see through His eyes of love. On arriving at this juncture of understanding, it’s like a light goes on to show that real freedom can only be achieved where it matters most, and that is in our mind, the epicenter of our reasoning, and planning, where everything about perceptions and actions initiated. Therefore, arriving at that mile marker in life, “Change,” is like being unshackled from what could have seriously compromised my today. Complacency or indifference is far removed from embracing and harvesting the benefits that faith stirred through prayers and belief. I have found prayers, perseverance, and humility are powerful when aiming toward the things of God, which is our better self. I pray that whatever are your dreams or struggles, the God that handles mine will do the same for yours. So again, we approach another weekend with much to be grateful for, starting with being here still while many others aren’t. In our limitations, yet freedom to do as we choose, may we always aim for the light by first igniting the light in us. Sometimes, someone is awaiting us to show them the way; therefore, never minimize the importance of your input and influence. Enjoy and have a safe weekend. Thanks for stopping by. Peace!

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