Stay Strong

The day yesterday started out sunny and hot, yet it was a beautiful day. By late afternoon, the clouds came in,  soon followed by thunder, and it began to rain as if the skies were wailing. As it rained in what seemed to be buckets, the wind picked up, and then it sounded like being pelted with peddles from the sky. I was frightened and concerned about structural damage to my home. Thank God there wasn’t any. That brief experience heightens my awareness with an acute sensitivity as to how fragile a state the world is in, and between nature’s wraths and man’s inhumanity to man, it’s time to pause. But, in halting, we might need to hit restart for the benefit of all of humanity. On seeing the devastation and losses of my neighbors in Kentucky caused by the floods and having experienced a short rain storm that shook me, I’m reminded that no one knows what the next hour holds, and neither do we about tomorrow. The people of Kentucky had no clue that their lives would become up-ended by such devastation. The authorities so far found thirty-seven bodies, and many are still unaccounted for due to several factors caused by the flood. However, one great thing about this country, and I speak as one who started the first twenty-two plus years of my life elsewhere, is that when it comes to citizens in crisis, Americans reach out and help with sincerity. So, as the people in the Appalachian mountains in Kentucky try pulling together whatever remains of their lives, I pray for strength and resilience, and may their future be better as they forge a new normal. Lives can never be replaced, but we can find courage for a better day. May your courage lightens your path. Stay strong!!


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