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Change is one of the hardest things for some of us, especially if we find comfort in what’s familiar. Yes, what we are accustomed to, even if it depleted us, we stay committed to whatever that may be because of fear of change. Fear we might venture into something unpredictable, and if we do, then what? Change can be unsettling because of the unknown quantities that it entails. Therefore, we know what to expect with whatever we’re into or have, whether they be good or bad. As a result, easily sliding into a rigid approach to life by viewing those approaches as consistency, which makes us laidback and side-step change—and unintentionally erect barriers that block progress without realizing being wardens of our self-imposed prisons. This blunt reality hits home for me earlier during a discussion with a family member about my embarking upon a life-altering change. As we converse that idiom, “Two heads are better than one,” let me come to see my truth through her advice. I also realized that as one who considers myself a realist, there were holes in my belief system, which energized me to change. Real and meaningful change isn’t easy, and it can be the hardest thing for us to do. However, when necessary, change must occur, and it’s like the birthing process, which can be painful while going through it, but after it’s over, the reward becomes fulfilling. And within those changes, freedom with validation makes life what we so often longed for and later expressed with joy and purpose. So, yes, what once seems intimidating now provides the path that makes life worthwhile and offers its ultimate, which is peace! What do you think?

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