We Belong!

Photo by Chiaroscuro on Pexels.com

In the illusion of those yesterdays, Greater You are, as you seem to draw nearer,

Eternally, You hovers over time,  past,  present, forever you remain,

You Never falter, You never fails, so strong, yet gentle, you hold us, dear;

Tremendous are your powers, yet, within our fragility, You tenderly guide us,

With Love, and outstretched arms, shield us; and offered up Your Son for us, a sacrifice,

Your Everlasting Love knows no boundaries and always shows us the way,

Gentle are You, Greater are You, sees us as your most valued treasure

In a breath’s reach–patiently, you wait to hear, “Saviour, we hear you when you call.”

Please save us before we fall; place your hands into ours on seeking your face,

It had been a long walk, and we believed we were so strong,

However, the realities of where we are-

And, where we seem to be heading seems wrong…

Oh, gentle Saviour; to you, we belong.                             

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