Philia Love

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To love and be loved is one of the greatest experiences any of us could hope for. But, like everything else in life, love comes with its share of disappointments that I’m sure some of us are yet to recover from. Moreover, love comes to us differently; for some, it is complicated and can be intense. Nevertheless, even when we are at a disadvantage, having been touched by love, the prospect of it keeps us in its grasp. Now, let’s take a brief glimpse of Philia’s love from my perspective inside that of friendships.

As we are aware, love comes in different forms, such as Intimacy, Passion, and Commitment, and taking it further, there is Storage, Agape, Philia or Philae, and Self-love. These are also carried over into Romance, Platonic, Unrequited, Unconditional, Obsessive, and Conjugal love. I will speak briefly on Philia love, a love without romantic attraction between people who share the same values and respect for each other. I am not trained or have the authority on this subject matter; I only speak from my personal experiences; and I have been blessed through active exchanges, understanding with acceptance from women I’ve befriended for over thirty years. I have been blessed to forge relationships with some phenomenal women who I call sisters, my friends. My friends and I share similar ideals, we often laugh at the same jokes, and there is intense respect and admiration between these women and me but most of all, they are there for me through all of life’s seasons, which is essential in friendships. Real friendships are relationships that don’t critically evaluate our shortcomings but rather serve to strengthen us whenever or wherever we’re weak, and that I have in my friends. As a result, the emotional fulfillment friendship brings has a pivotal impact on who I am.

Therefore, by honoring the love friendship can bring to one’s life, let us call it for what it is when it enriches us, Philia love. And in its acknowledgment, we come to validate it. It shouldn’t matter what package love comes in; once it comes to us and it’s what we’d hope for, embraces it in the purity of another gift from God. I am blessed to be the recipient of such relationships, and my prayers for you are that you can rest assured in having this kind of life experience. As we enter this weekend, it may be time to reach out to a friend, letting them know how much they are appreciated. Have a safe and blessed weekend! Thanks for stopping by. Peace!!

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