The Coming of Grace

Chapter 8

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 New Beginnings

Rebekah felt weak and nauseous in anticipation of the inevitable. Fred never traveled without his switchblade in his side pocket. Maybe this was the day she would die. She surrendered to God because only He could save her now. All she could do now was pray. Rebekah prayed like God was visible, petitioning for his mercy. She was a nervous wreck but made a mental effort not to let it show.

“I’ll get your suitcase into the car. At this hour of the day, the roads are busy with beachgoers. I want to get you to the airport on time for early check-in. I’m going to have lunch, then go into the office.”

“Okay, but wouldn’t it be better to let me go by cab? You could spend more time home, so Bella wouldn’t be left alone for the first time with the nanny for an entire day?

“She’ll be fine! Bella adjusts easily, and you know she speaks her mind if she is unhappy. I’ll know if anything went wrong when I get home from work.” “If you say so. Okay. Let me spend some time alone with my child. Then we can leave.”

 Rebekah sat next to her daughter. Leaving her child was one of the hardest things she had ever done. But it had to be done for her sake and Bella’s. She wiped away the tears and caressed her daughter’s hair.[..]

This is taken from “The Coming of Grace” part one.

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