Let Your Light So Shine!


Last night I began to write what I’d felt led to do for today’s blog; however, this morning, I’m taken in a different direction. I’m now at a place where I speak about what I consider worthwhile addressing at this juncture of my life. But, first, there has to be peace with whatever I now give my time to. When youth was on my side, this wasn’t even a thought; today, that outlook has changed.

Now, I’ve gotten that out of the way; what’s on my heart is, “Is there a relationship between how we dressed attending Houses of Worship and how we reverenced or see God?”  There is a noticeable change in the dress code attending church today. It has become more casual to the point of no differentiation from food shopping or going to the club, which for me causes moments of becoming perplexed? However, as a human with no extra sensory powers than the next person, who am I, to say what the next person is thinking? How do I know their heart? Based on established norms and cultural beliefs, it can become so easy to be judgmental? Also, going to scriptures such as Matthew 5:16, which tells us, “Let your light so shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” Sometimes, this scripture is quoted out of context regarding how we carry ourselves in places of worship. The scripture plainly speaks of our deeds, not how we dress when entering a place of worship. Therefore, this particular subject matter, I believe, should be left to the One being served, which isn’t us.

I view houses of worship as clinics for those like me who need a Saviour. It is supposed to be a place for healing and spiritual fortification, providing emotional support for mortals towards a fulfilling life that most of us strive to have. Therefore it isn’t a coincidence that there are different approaches in appearance and attitudes toward serving God. There are inherent factors that decide outlooks and behavior in everything we do, and why should serving God be any different? Therefore, I concluded that God is the ultimate judge of us, so how an individual chooses to worship God in parts or in whole, it’s between them and Him. I will serve him in how I perceive him, and if that makes me the odd one in the mix, so be it. In the final hour, it will be about what’s in our hearts; only God knows our truth. Have a blessed Monday. Peace!

Photo by mitbg000 on Pexels.com

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