What Are The Reasons?

Photo by Ali Pazani on Pexels.com

The years have now seemed to reduce to a few months, the months a few days, and those days fleeting hours, and here we are, with another weekend upon us! However, some attitudes and perceptions have appeared frozen in time? What are the reasons? Is it complacency, denial, or simply one borne out of frustration? There is a blanketed fear of addressing issues that adversely affect us, starting with just talking to each other respectfully and hearing the other! And attempting to voice your opinion could easily place you as an outsider who doesn’t know when to shut up! This approach confuses me because how can anyone be effectively engaged in life and living but be absent from the dynamics which qualify life and living, starting with constructive communications? It doesn’t have to be aggressive or dismissive? It’s about being heard with a readiness to be equally listened to even when we disagree! So, with the ending of another week, there are those of us who will have time for relaxation; we could carve out some time to invest in assessing and recalibrating our approach to these experiences that confront us each day in “life.” One that initiates understanding, forgiveness, and acceptance. As we look beyond familiarities, we realize every thought instigates an attitude, and attitudes result in actions that become our reality. I pray that this weekend will find us fostering new and productive efforts facilitating the tomorrow possible towards our advancement, starting with a better week ahead. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your weekend. Peace!!  

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