Beliefs And Habits!

Photo by Giulia Freitas on

Seated here in front of my computer, smiling, being reminded that most of us are creatures of habits, of which I am one. Half an hour ago, as I drove past large shrubberies that act as a wall around a commercial building, I noticed something familiar showing through the thick bushes, almost creating a woven appearance among the bushes. I pulled over closed enough to satisfy my curiosity; it was Cerasee, and it weaved through the entire length of the bushes; I removed as much as possible. I recalled harvesting Cerasee as a teenager in Jamaica. It’s used as a detox for skin rashes, bites, and a few other ailments; however, because of where I took it from, I would not ingest it but will use it for mosquito bites or other skin ailments. So why am I smiling about this? First, it shows that although I’ve spent most of my life living in America, I haven’t forgotten certain beliefs or changed certain habits. I’ve also been reminded of unique experiences that colored our lives and contributed to us being uniquely a part of larger experiences reflective of some similarities yet striking differences. I am grateful for always being aware of those defining qualities, which add value to how others are seen; beautifully different; however, we are so alike in many ways. We come to this arena of life where we share, exchange, and seek to better understand and appreciate our walk among each other. Thanks for stopping by! Peace!

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