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There are moments when it is important to stop whatever we are doing and be in retrospect. This is where I am today. Early this morning, looking through a window at the horizon, the shadows of dawn became erased, infusing the senses. I watched as the wave of sunlight burst through the pale shade, blanketing the landscape and everything in its path. The morning’s light entered my room with a welcoming gesture filled me with hope for this brand new day. Hope, which is internal, once again became ignited, arousing my expectations and possibilities of life’s good. The belief that time, space, and interactions will create positive results; and so believing can become endearing that those things that benefit us are uncompromising. Therefore, holding on to that mindset gives peace to those expectations. Life has taught us everything changes, and as Stewarts, which we are of this earth, we share the same address, the world! Therefore, as the week begins, may we not focus on ourselves but collectively strive for a tomorrow that is better than today by remembering that a tree alone doesn’t make a forest. But rather, it’s the abundance of trees that makes the forest, which gives us oxygen and a litany of other benefits we depend on. Like the forest and those trees, we serve the advancement of lives for the greater good beyond our own. Have a special day, and even more, have a week that shapes our lives for the best of who we can be! Peace!!

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