A Mistake To Avoid!

Photo by Liza Summer on Pexels.com

Sometimes, it is easy to be critical or judgmental of what is not easily understood in situations of others. Especially when there are inherent barriers to what and those involved, preconceived basis further influences their conclusion. An observer’s response might help or contribute to an adverse outcome. Having an approach from that place of being judgmental usually is a mistake to avoid whenever possible. It could open up trapdoors of circumstances that generally result negatively. As one who pleads guilty for having had such a personality flaw, it took me time to initiate those skills necessary to change, therefore, seeing others as I wanted to be seen. Life is the best teacher; within its classroom, we may be stationed in different sections but within the same space, the world. As a result, nothing can truly insulate or exempt any of us from life’s lessons, which eventually will be given to us. Therefore, as we move forward, having a better view of what’s ahead of us, the wind of time, chance, and change is always blowing, and who knows what direction it will blow next? I’ve learned not to judge anyone. Why? All that can be done is our best with what we know how to! Peace!!

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