Life’s Walk!

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Our lives’ are commonly reflected in each other’s journey and the snags we experience along the way. Numerous situations that give voice to our innermost thoughts are manifested in our deeds and decisions, which add to the sum total of who we are. However, as we get closer to that place and time, which heightens our acuity about life, it becomes more apparent that nothing is unique or different about our life experiences; rather, they mirror each other’s walk in varying degrees. In acknowledgment of those occurrences, within circumstances woven into our lives socially and economically, they control our actions and are indicators of outcomes experienced. None of us are immune to life’s unpredictability. We are part of the sea of humanity already predisposed to what has already have predestined for our lives. However, by periodically disengaging and reinvigorating, we come to see life clearer and can refocus on being empowered. Therefore, as another weekend is now upon us, let us find peace in whatever state we are because we cannot go beyond what’s in our power to do but to find joy knowing we have tried our best. Peace!!  

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