What is Success?

Photo by Andre Furtado on Pexels.com

What is success?

Is it an abundance of materials things sought and achieved

through fame and fortune?

Whatever those gains may be, mansions, designer

clothes, cars, boats, and the rest?

Having several zeros in the bank behind our names with

added good health that goes beyond the physical?

Is success valuing relationships through all seasons of life,

knowing we’ve done our best and only God can do better?

Is success being able to look honestly at the lives of others and

find the joy that their lives we’ve touched with meaning?

Recognizing their value through the value of ours with shared


 Can success be measured by having done our best, and

expected no more of others than we are willing to give of

ourselves to them?

And acknowledging these quantities of life, such as losses,

disappointments, and heartbreaks, all equalizers

to our common experiences,

Embracing those relationships cultivated with others!

What is success?


Marjorie Delores


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