We Can Only Hope!

Over the weekend, I reviewed some old photographs, which, as we all know, are fragments of our lives that captured moments forever stilled by time and technology. Pictures are a special collection of memories, keepers of reminders of those yesterday. Looking back allows a time of reflection on the past while it has us analyze the present state of being. Some of us have risen from difficult histories, which tend to make us more reflective with an intense sense of purpose and presence that serves us well within our core beliefs, centering our goals. Having lived to this stage of my life, I have earned the privilege of gaining wisdom in knowing there are those like me who started life as I did. However, whatever the reason or reasons were, they are no longer a part of this cosmic experience, which gives cause for being grateful for still being here. It could be chalked up to whatever life may have tossed at us, strengthened, and empowered us, but as a part of life’s ever-changing rhythm, the complete picture of our lives is hidden, and the mystery of tomorrow is yet unknown. Still, we rose to today, engaged with life. However, just like riding a bicycle and falling off of it, on getting up, we usually figure out what might have imitated that fall whenever we do and use wisdom to avoid another fall by what we surmised had been the cause. We can only try not to repeat the same occurrence through continued efforts, and that’s all anyone could ever expect of us. So, as I looked at those pictures then and now, tomorrow may be a day away, but it’s not promised to me. I can only hope that memories of me stilled by time will be held dear when tomorrow for me ceases to be. Peace!

Picture by Marjorie Delores

Sometimes being transparent is easily misinterpreted as something else. I love life and intend to share whatever pulls at me until my sight becomes dim and my fingers weaken by age. I’ve learned from my travels how alike we are than different, and placing my thoughts in an open forum can be daunting, open to scrutiny, and sometimes ridicule, but I would not have this any other way. It fuels and liberates me as one who grew up in a culture where I was told I should be seen but not heard. As you may have noticed, I do this from a place of love. To use a phrase from Jamaica, the land of my birth, Nuff love!

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