Picture by Marjorie Delores

There is that soft voice that sometimes whispers to us, sending the imagination into overdrive. It can become a call to action, rerouting us to where God intended us to be. I’m within that place and space, filled with a sense of peace and gratitude; I cannot help but relish the power it gives in the simplicity of just being still. Finding peace in knowing the alignment of time and space is ours to share in the possibilities of what awaits, which will unfold in God’s goodness and time! It is here at another crossroads of life’s journey, between paused and reflection, purpose heightens, and promises are fulfilled.

Picture by Marjorie Delores

Dear loved ones, I wish you peace, prosperity, and purpose. May the life you change today begin with your own, and what once seems impossible becomes a reality! Stay in the light of which you are, and there’d be no greater reflection than the one cast by your image; remember, we were created into the image of God, so let your light show so bright that darkness will belong only to the night. Enjoy your weekend.   Peace!

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