Corridors of Circumstances!

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The Purpose and promises of our lives interchangeably have a common thread in which lives evolve and dreams are realized. We aspire towards the same desires: to thrive without hindrances, love and be loved, freedom to worship or assimilate as one chooses, and to express ourselves with respect. Within these processes, mingled with social conditions directed by cultural norms, economics, and religion, those realities manifest within their influences. Therefore, what results are the byproducts; however, when a society becomes fragmented or polarized to the point where it just about causes confusion? Unfortunately, the results won’t serve the larger whole in the end. It’s almost like people aiming to travel to the same destination but decided to splinter into smaller groups to get there while heading in different directions! Needless to even highlight what that outcome will eventually be!

What I have found to be effective from a personal standpoint in reverencing God spills over into valuing the lives of others. In so doing, it’s impossible to willfully cause any emotional distress for another or, worse, contribute to their misfortune. Therefore, the major key to healing and renewing is changeable, in which all have a choice. In those changes during life’s corridors of circumstances, the promises of whom we become are a reality of the choices we made. Therefore, whatever trigger points initiate fears that advance the need for self-perseverance, it is known that fear is formed through deception, which has an antidote, faith! So, whenever fear is removed from those dynamics, faith arouses confidence shifting the pendulum of possibilities to changing perceptions and rekindling the best of who we are and collectively arose an undeniable force.


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