Something is Amiss!

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There are days when I reminisced about playing as a child along the lake on Creek Street in Montego Bay, Jamaica, with my friends after school! In those few hours of freedom from adult supervision or interference, we’d fished the fish out of the lake with our cans or plastic bags hidden earlier in the bags we took to school. Each of us had a different reason for taking those fish from the lake. We were surrounded by laughter and sometimes disagreements, but we always found a way to solve our differences. One of my greatest fascination with the lake was the wooden structure at its very end. We were told a mermaid lived there, and I was filled with curiosity and fear, which kept me at a safe distance. On a few occasions, my peers would dare me to enter that wooden structure; I would get up a flight or two of its stairs but would quickly retreat to a place where I felt sure I would not become the talk of the school the next day for having tried to prove a point to my demise. Mother didn’t give birth to a fool, so they’d laughed at me for being a coward; I didn’t let it bother me. Yes, that was the world from which I came. Today, as I looked at the children and us, it’s now an uncertain time. We are afraid to even allow our children to play outside our homes unsupervised.

The world is unstable! One thing is for sure we cannot wish away what is uncomfortable. It should be dealt with; if not, we might get to a place where hope becomes lost. On scanning through my files yesterday and finding this video sent to me a year ago, I’m reminded of the fragility of life. As someone who grew up on Bob Marley’s music and his rise and impact on hearts across the world, through the relevant messages his body of work conveys, I have a deep sense of pride; I’m also amazed by the wisdom and foresight he had. With admiration and recognition, these particular lyrics’ “Natural Mystic” sounds like a wake-up cry. Please, listen as I have and tell me if it doesn’t speak to us. When we look around us, near and far, something is brewing, and the results could be jarring. It is quite concerning, but what must we do to stem the tide? First, there has to be an acknowledgment that something is amiss!

I don’t have the right to this song or permission. Still, these words must be heard and hopefully rekindle consciousness to take necessary steps to prevent something that, God forbid, might be unrecoverable, which could be losing lives! The life that might be saved could be our very own!

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