The Choice is Ours!

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I decided to throw caution to the wind and delved into a subject matter in which I’ve no formal training, merely insights and knowledge gained through life’s lessons; and as a woman with faith in God, I’m reassured that I have a place in the scheme of things by sharing those lessons. The manifestation of God’s mercies in my life galvanized my faith in such a manner that led me here. I will give a glimpse of the wonders of His goodness, which activates and fortify my belief. Christians everywhere, like I, have heard the story of Jesus Christ’s death for the remission of men’s sin, of which I am one. It’s been explained to us that we must accept Jesus Christ as our Saviour before fully enjoying all the benefits of obedience to God.

As an eight-year-old on my beautiful island, I watched life play out in ways that only God made the difference. It was the sixties in a third-world county when so many moving parts unfolded in patterns, some of which were frightening, to put it mildly. However, the natives, of whom I’m a descendant of people, rose from slavery. They used what once was a ploy for their servitude, “Christianity,” to receive God’s favor by their approach to serving him. Their fervent prayers and absolute faith were palpable! I was a benefactor of that period during times of raw emotions drenched in the ugliness of the past; however, they held onto their future promises. They trusted God in the abundance of His mercies, initiating meaningful changes in their lives when everything else was in short supply.

I witnessed people being healed by drinking water from a tap after it was prayed over, and seeing women with absolutely nothing, pray themselves into success stories. And even within my life, to see the countless times God has sure up my bridges, affording me a safe walk, how could I be any different? How could anyone experience the mercies of God and doubt who He is? So, whenever I’m asked, “How could God allow the decadences with such cruelties to prevail in the world today? The answer is available to us, from genesis to revelation in the Bible! All we have to do is read it, and God will do the rest!

The first couple, Adam and Eve, are the faces of disobedience, and their children, Cain and Able, one brother, killed another based on jealousy. God, in His infinite love, has allowed man total freedom to make choices about his life! However, God places guidelines and options as a blueprint or roadmap for our benefit. We must initiate or activate those principles to attain the results we aim for; therefore, when all is said and done, we are loved unconditionally, and whatever we should desire, the choice is ours! We have to make the decision as to how much we want things to change for us!

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