The Fragile Balance of life (Repost)

The fragile balance of life

It is filled sometimes with complexities

Which amaze, scare, entice, or repulse.

However, its enigma never ceases in our grasp,

that fragile balance of life.

The fragile balance of life sometimes teaches us

how to touch,

However, knowing well enough not to want to hold

on to that brief warmth of a touch,

An imprint of beautiful possibilities yet fleeting

emotions all trapped within the fragile balance of life;

The fragile balance of life, an elixir of good and bad,

Happy or sad, easily reflected in the beauty of a

smile or the ugliness of anger that has gone wild

Each creates reasons and evokes wonders within the fragile balance of life.


 Marjorie Delores

Today, I had intended to post another article, but feeling overwhelmed these past two days, I felt the need to reassure myself within my own words; of the fragile balance of life. However, finding reassurance in knowing nothing stays the same and change is inevitable, I exhaled, resigning myself to time. Friends, it often becomes gloomy before it rains, but after it rains, the rainbow usually comes out, and what a beautiful sight it can be?! So, anticipating the coming rainbows, it is best to relax because God got us! Whatever our hopes are, He promised it to us; therefore, this too will pass, and it’s always good to remind oneself that it’s through these moments we learn to fully appreciate the blessings when they come!

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