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The wisdom from living and learning is that we realize that life isn’t a straight line and things don’t always unfold according to plans, and this reality confirms that we are human. As I have shared, being over half a century, I have learned a closed mind can become a padlock on one’s destiny. Although I’ve been alive this long, I still believe there is much more living to do through God’s grace and mercies. Sometimes, on reflection, I cannot help but laugh at myself. I’m sure those who have lived awhile eventually learn to laugh at themselves too. What once seems like life and death is no longer even on our radar. The places and things that once were must-haves no longer seem relevant, much less important. Let’s not forget the music. Yes, the music had to have us acting like we were trying to work ourselves into hyperhidrosis, dancing for hours; now, the music we listen to has changed; the muscles that now get worked the most are the facial muscles. I don’t know about you, but the part of getting older that gives cause for concern is health-wise. However, practicing a healthy lifestyle could keep some of those medical issues at bay.

Each day we awake, it’s another day of getting older and hopefully wiser. The benefit of living is making your life count! Embracing whatever changes there are helps validate our very beings. Yes, being a part of something bigger than self makes life worthwhile by what we bring to being alive. For example, my passion is writing; I write as my way of adding to a larger conversation through candor with humility on this platform and through books written. Through our exchanges, I am reminded we are a part of this mystical, enchanting, spiritual, and sometimes frightening experience shared throughout all its seasons, life. We have something to give, which should never be taken likely; we might minimize this truth, but we all have something to offer, even if it’s friendship! Every reflection of ourselves seen should become a reminder to stay engaged because we are present; hence let our presence be known!

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  1. Love the positive attitude Majorie! I agree, getting older does have its positives, and the biggest concern is health. And I love that you use writing to connect with others. I believe our relationships are what matters most.

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    1. Thank you, Rachel. Getting older is a compliment of life that heightens our interest. It’s liberating, and it ignites in us a derper appreciation of others. I appreciate your visit and sharing your insights. We are no longer strangers through the shared mutual interests in writing from the heart. Have a special 4th, and thanks again.


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