To Share The Goodness of God!

To better understand who we are and those around us, it’s good to look at life objectively beyond biases or preconceived notions of having a greater insight into life than others. Over half a century later, I’m still like a child filled with curiosity about the things of God; with a glimpse of His inner workings, I am always searching. So there, I aimed to have an awareness that qualifies me to understand His expectations of me more in-depth framed by His doctrine. I intentionally strive to adhere to who I see God be and fulfill those expectations of me from His teachings. I believe testimonies are an effective and most impactful way to share the goodness of God as they unfold in our lives. For that reason, most of my writing reverberates with testimonies of God’s actions in my life. And some truths can be most uncomfortable, which are highlighted in my work. How can God be magnified by falsehood? No, he cannot be! I understand that sometimes to shield others, one has to lessen the impact of the raw truth, which I stay aware of at all times within my deliveries!

Furthermore, people are more intelligent than some give them credit; with this said, readers are reassured that my poetry and stories are about real people with real lives, and they are most valued, let God be glorified. “The Winter Years of Life,” a poetry anthology, comes alive in audio, where the beauty and complexities of living resonate with what qualifies us as spiritual beings within a physical experience, life. The warm, riched voice of Tanis Clark is like a marriage made in heaven with my written words. The resilience of spiritual ineptness thrust us into a mental sphere of God’s goodness, which rekindles acceptance with forgiveness.

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