Here Lies The Answer!

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I have learned with time to accept that I was not fully in charge of myself; it took me a while after several head-bumps to figure this out! Like the inability to control the movements of my eyelids or the beating of my heart, there lies the answer that God is in full control, not me. Once I understood that Bingo lights on for me, the rest is history. Now, looking past my frailties and recognizing my limitations, wisdom kicks in, letting me know this truth! By acknowledging that established truth, reverencing God easily becomes a lifestyle. A lifestyle that yields dividends, yes, those that manifest in favors, blessings with the assurance that greater is He within me than in the world. One of the most wonderful things I’ve learned from serving God is, “You can never fail with him!” There will be detours and setbacks, but time will initiate what He had already planned for us. What God looks at is our heart. No lip service; we cannot lie or pretend with God because He knows us even when no one else does. There are awesome benefits from serving God, especially when lined up with His truth. (1) Reverence Him in spirit and truth and (2) Love your neighbors. These basic truths require obedience to God.

God thinks of us as his children; therefore, as His children; based upon that premise, He asked us to love our neighbors because He knew we weren’t going to see each other as siblings. Let’s look at the first family, Adam and Eve’s children Cain and Able, who set conflict within the family in motion from the onset? Cain killed his brother Able because of jealousy, which seems to become woven over time into humanity. However, in God’s infinite mercies, He still allows us the space and time to work on making things right for ourselves. Nothing happens in a vacuum, and we are susceptible to the same outcomes if we are not careful or proactive. None of us are immune to byproducts of sin, which cause harm. Saint John chapter one, verse one reminded us: “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” As I let this sinks deep in my soul, I understood that all life is the Word! God is the Word; therefore, He the Word is life! If you have gotten anything from this or have questions, please let’s have that conversation? It takes two to talk, and I would love to hear what you say?

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