Nothing Is Impossible With God!

It took some time getting here, but here I am with both books; glory to God. They are available at or through

The Coming of Grace is a testament to the unshakeable convictions and belief that God makes a difference no matter life’s circumstances. Rebecca Masters’ faith in God’s ignited his grace throughout her life after several close calls that could have been fatal. Shamelessly Rebekah weathers life storms, confident she would rise above them someday. Marjorie’s narratives of Rebekah’s odyssey remind us of what is possible through faith in God, and the past doesn’t define or decide our future. Instead, we can determine our fate through perseverance by seeing ourselves through the eyes of God, which is one of love. This two-part series is a must-read, and its premise is grounded in faith in God; despite life’s pitfalls, we can cultivate who we hope to become, and nothing is impossible for God. This Rebekah found out through coming into her purpose through God’s Grace. It reaches you where you are, and it speaks to everyone.

In all our spending or giving, remember that the most valuable currency is the seconds of our lives! Have a safe and fulfilled weekend!

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