Marjorie Delores

As one of several siblings within that dynamic, you learned to be your authentic self over time, even when viewed as an outsider. It seems easier to submit to what others expect of you, especially if culture has already pre-conditioned you for such submissiveness. Within the unset of time with broad exposure and a heightened knowledge of the things of God, it becomes apparent how misguided some of those approaches were. Therefore, with the need for fundamental change, I worked on cultivating the woman I understand God wants me to be. There are losses along the way in the progress and gains, but the payoffs are peace with acceptance. The wonders and beauty of coming to see oneself through the words of life, the love of God, liberates, empowers, and knowing your life is an offshoot of God’s love! None of us is an accident; we are here for a time like this by design; we have something to offer. It all depends on our outlook, not how others see us, and it’s how we see ourselves as God sees us. I found that when I was in that place of living to satisfy others who didn’t share those same sentiments towards me, I was dishonoring God! I was making people take the place of Him, which resulted in some very painful outcomes.

I am not advocating insensitivity to others; however, there is an established order to life and living, and the consequences will be life-altering when there are imbalances. I’ve been told my writings are too straightforward and can be uncomfortable. What is Life? Is it candy lands, fairytales, and everything nice? Isn’t it a mixed bag of good and bad? And for some, there is more bad than good, and several factors, including ethnicities and race, are indicators of outcomes! The thing is to walk through those processes knowing rising to a God-given station in life is a must! This result in thriving or aiming for better experiences is everyone’s right, given by God, without negotiation!  

The innocence and purity in the awesomeness of the soul should always be seen as it is, God’s domain to fill us with his best. Peace!!

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