The Benefits of Knowing!

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One of the benefits of getting to know who God is it’s by getting to know who we are as defined through His words! It is quite a transformation that leads to greater wisdom and, ultimately, the experience of the benefits of knowing who we are in God.

It begins with realizing some challenges that we face makes us become assured faithful and knowing whatever plans there are for our lives will bear fruits in due season. As I read Galatians in the Bible, starting at Chapter one, I saw how Paul spoke candidly about receiving revelation through God by reading His words. Although Paul once was a hater of all things God, he came to know that he was wrong and shamelessly shared the truth of who God is and refused to compromise such truth.

At the end of chapter one of Galatians, Paul’s desire to be a light of truth is echoed in verse 24, which reads, “And they glorified God in me.” This message etched in time packs a punch. Yes, it gets to the heart of how we should be viewed or seen as Saints of God. We shouldn’t find the need to identify who we are as Christians; it should be quite obvious! Although those who believed and adhered to the teachings of God were called Saints in the Bible, in keeping with what I read, we are Saints of God. Being a saint may conjure up thoughts of perfection, which is what one can strive to be but most unlikely because only God is perfect! However, with that said, it doesn’t excuse us from doing our best, and that’s all anyone can do; it’s their best!

The newfound freedom achieved from studying the words of God is that it peels back the blindfolds and erases the shadows of all that held the mind in bondage in believing we are unworthy. We are so flawed, and if we do not fill the imagery of constraints erected as perfection to serving God by those who are as imperfect as we are, or even worse, why even bother to try? If we rely solely on what we are told without having any frame of reference as to if they are true based upon the doctrine of Christ Jesus, the son of God, how can we be sure?

By us reading his words, He gives revelation to us through his teachings. There will come a time when we will face God, and He will not ask us about others; it will be about us and how we saw him!


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