A Delicate Balance?

Photo by Monique Laats on Pexels.com

Today after having brunch with my friends Sandra and Iris at a nice Eatery, I’m reminded of how wonderful it is to share time with people with whom you share commonalities respectfully and can laugh and talk honestly without anyone being intrusive. But, of course, this exchange is a delicate balance, especially nowadays. Sometimes because some feel they and you are friends, there are no boundaries as to what they’ll ask, and with a liberal dose of insensitivity. So remarks get thrown your way with little concern about how they might affect you.

Time has brought about a deeper knowledge of the teachings of God and has given me a clear understanding of those actions. Therefore, if or when I should find myself in such companies, I do not take their behavior personally because it is more about them and less about who they direct their inappropriate actions. An old idiom is “hurting people tend to hurt others.” I do not understand this logic, but I don’t claim to understand everything. It’s always nice to spend time with good friends, which makes me miss the three other women I admire and who are my friends. Avis was one of them whose company I enjoyed and trusted immensely. She was like a wise old soul, and her words of wisdom always were seasoned with kindness and love. Unfortunately, Avis is no longer here. However, I found comfort in knowing I had honored her while she was alive, and she knew how I felt about her. I encourage you to take the time to be with those who add quality to your life.

Yes, it’s not about things but rather the substance of our exchanges. Especially if you are older, it makes a lot of difference. There comes a time in our lives when priorities shift, and good relationships fill the void, giving us cause to be grateful. So please, make time for others, especially those that make us glows from the inside out. Thank you, Sandra and Iris, for a wonderful time together. It was like a fresh breath of air.

Friends, I am getting eye surgery tomorrow; therefore, I am posting a day early. So stay well, keep smiling, because a smile is like an upside frown, and we are through with frowning, at least for a while! Smile!

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