Let us!

Photo by Belle Co on Pexels.com

Let us laugh today as if what we’ve heard is the funniest of jokes

Let us live today as if it is our last, being confronted by our finality

Let us pretend today that the stranger next to us is a familiar friend,

and we want the best for them as we do for ourselves

Let us love today like our very survival depends on it

Let us be kind today, believing the rewards gained are priceless

Let us be mindful today of our actions and refrain

from painting imageries; of which we’ll be ashamed

Let us look beyond our faults today, recognizing we are beautifully flawed,

Let us hold onto what is possible today in the beauty of what we aim to be

Let us find peace today, knowing life’s possibilities offer us favors

in the promises of our lives

Let’s us find real freedom today in our imperfections,

knowing an all-perfect God loves us in and out of season

Let us self-actualized today in the richness of our souls,

by acknowledging the complexities yet predictabilities

of whom we are within the Love of God

And His undeterred love without hidden agendas

Given to us yesterday, today, and forever

Let us know today to be all we know that’s possible,

Let us release ourselves to the true beauty of life by knowing!


Marjorie Delores

Thanks for visiting; I am working on my spiritual growth; therefore, my approach to whatever I’m in, especially at this stage of life, is giving it my attention as necessary to achieve the results for which I aimed. So from now on, I will not blog on the weekends. I appreciate your support and wish you and yours a safe and wonderful weekend.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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