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I met Mrs. Sandra Jackson three years ago at an event we were a part of; she was there with her son Joshua, a remarkable young man who left a lasting impression on me. They exude qualities of what is good about being engaged with people who were not only genuinely good, they inspired me to become even better at life, and this is a rare experience among strangers. I am glad that I had purchased one of Mrs. Jackson’s books. I re-read it yesterday and found myself laughing and dreaming afresh. I had to call her, which was a good exchange. Today, I’ll share one of her poems from the “Proof of Life,” her poetry anthology available on

This poem “Freed” leaps off the page at me. It speaks for me, and that is what a good poet does, give voice to others whose thoughts are expressed through theirs.


I was captured when I was weak

Blindfolded and couldn’t speak

Yet cried out from within my mind

I was held hostage by judgemental eyes

By disclaimer truths and some crippling lies

Still, I yearned for freedom’s light

So freedom beckoned me to use my voice

To come out of the darkness

For captivity is a choice

‘Twas my voice and love that set  me free

For love births life in its entirety

Now nothing postponed or dared not spoken

As long as humanity is never forsaken

So see, I’m alive; yes, it’s me!

Fulfilling my purpose and destiny!

I’ve been freed!


Sandra Jackson

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