Through The Eyes of A Child!

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Maybe I am regressing or have chosen to take a break from reality, but the harshness of today’s world makes you want to find an escape, and what better way to do so, than through the eyes of a child. One that is not yet adversely affected by the harsh realities of today’s negative news that seems to come at us like the speed of light! Let’s go for it to keep a grip on what’s good and necessary, whatever it takes to maintain an equilibrium! Engaging in life speaks to its possibilities and should remind us of its importance through a child’s eyes.

Keeping your children protected and enjoying their brief childhood with security, love, and the freedom to thrive is quite a feat for parents to undertake in these challenging times. However, some parents have! I was privileged to have spoken to such a child yesterday, which I am proud to call my niece, who rekindles the wonders with beautiful possibilities life can offer. Our eight-year-old sweet Abbey explained with exuberance how she sees others, the world, and her intentions to contribute to making it a perfect place! Only through the eyes of a child! In her animated expression, she assured me that I was equally important to her in seeing that everyone loved and appreciated. At the end of our conversation, I had to take a long pause to become wistful again, briefly seeing life’s possibilities through the eyes of our sweet Abbey. This is one of the wonderful side effects of seeing the world through the eyes of a child. It makes you believe again. Maybe, for a day, children should rule the world, and the worst that could happen to us it’s we would suffer from a brief stint of hyperglycemia; naturally, we would become showered with candies. Thank goodness, that’s a treatable problem to have. Kudos to parents shielding their children in almost an impossible situation.

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