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Lately, on observing some of the trends toward what amounts to a negative response to individuals with strong convictions and who are opinionated, I often ponder the meaning of being an independent thinker as an individual? As defined by Oxford languages and Webster’s Dictionary: Individuality is the quality or character of a particular person or thing that distinguishes them from others of the same kind, especially when strongly marked.

Siblings who grew up with the same parents in the same household don’t agree on everything. Neither do they share the same social or world views; one would think that people that interact from birth and share the same social, culture, faith, and language to adulthood would all think alike, and that isn’t the case. However, the likelihood of a group behaving like clones of each other isn’t the norm; this behavior usually occurs whenever a group agrees on a defiant set of ideas to achieve the same objective with a negative outcome.

However, in the broader scheme of things, ordinary people want the best for themselves, loved ones, and friends; evident in social norms and established codes of conduct, individualism adds to the social order. How so? The freedom to believe or adhere to that specific part of what makes you, as an individual, free to operate within your rights, first given by God and then agreed upon by man.  

Let’s reiterate that our individuality makes us distinct, and it is understood to mean different from another. There is that place and time within our exchange to agree to disagree. We are too important to each other as individuals to dishonor each other through unresolved disagreement! Therefore, despite those differences, valuing ourselves and others creates this ever-changing mix of ideas, and those ideas manifest into deeds that add to our lives. The dynamics of our exchanges remain essential to promote what we know as a civilization, another term for a people who have a common goal benefitting it as a whole. Nothing or no is exclusive. No matter what one might believe, respecting individuality ensures we continue to thrive as a society, and that’s in everyone’s best interest towards advancement. What do you think?

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