He Has The Final Word!

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One benefit of getting to know who God made us begins with accepting who we are as defined by who we know our Creator to be! It’s also being comfortable seeing our imperfections as part of what adds to our uniqueness. It is being unafraid to show vulnerability yet, be confident enough because God is the architect of our lives, assuring we are in his care. Sometimes, showing weaknesses is mistaken as being very flawed. However, those who are aware of the ways of God and have a relationship with him will recognize the depth and enrichment brought about in this place of growth within our weaknesses. It can serve as ushering us into who we were created to be.

The story of the life of Christ as a man on earth, those teachings of His doctrine, challenges, and adversities confronted can be viewed as a road map to living in an imperfect world with equally flawed people. They are simply parts and parcel of what is necessary to thrust us into our best; many moments leave us perplexed and confused, even feel used and abused. Therefore, it is coming to know those truths and looking at Jesus Christ’s life’s journey here, where lies the ultimate example of struggles, betrayal, dishonor, personal attacks followed by being conspired against, and who did all those things to Him? It was people he helped, those he healed and fed, and friends of his. With His portfolio as the son of God, followed by a resume to which no man to date walked on earth can claim similarity? Why should we become so bothered about what people say about us for exhibiting those intrinsic flaws that qualify us being human? Therefore, on recognizing those truths and embracing them, there comes the freedom needed to be one’s self in strength and beauty of who God says we are, and we are still his work in progress, which the Almighty God has not yet perfected! A result for which only He has the final word. Are you a reflection of Him?

Photo by Zeynep Ku00fcbra Gu00fcneu015f on Pexels.com

2 Replies to “He Has The Final Word!”

  1. I enjoy the posting of wisdom and look forward to reading them. They are a delight and an inspiration to me. Please keep them coming we all need to hear from you.


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