This is a must-read! It is heartfelt and filled with laughter and suspense, also awe-inspiring. Marjorie’s narratives of Rebekah’s odyssey remind us of what is possible through faith in God, and the past doesn’t define or decide our future. Instead, we decided through our perseverance by seeing ourselves through the eyes of God, which is love. This two-part series is a must-read, and its premise is grounded in faith in God; despite life’s pitfalls, we can cultivate who we hope to become, and nothing is impossible for God. This Rebekah found out through coming into her purpose through God’s Grace.


Other Books by Marjorie Delores: The Winter Years of Life & Through The Corridors of Time

The Poetry book is also available on iTunes and Through the Corridors of time is a collection of short stories that resonate with coming into that place of awakening, leading to a deeper awareness of purpose within becoming healed.

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