An Affirmation By Time!

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As someone who no longer is a part of what some refer to as the grind or rat race, there are times when I wish I hadn’t placed such stress on my body. Those days were viewed as financial gain with a focus that minimized what’s truly important. There are days now when I look back and become disappointed how I spent those best years of my life committed to what I was taught to believe was most essential? Working hard, committed to serving others even at my own peril. Looking back, quite a few things could have been done differently; for one, not treating myself as a fixture to others because of loving them, and they saw me as such, a fixture! Fortunately, the wonders of life’s lessons assured us that God knows who we truly are, and whatever we do or did from a place of sincerity when it is used against us as a weakness to exploit, those offenders are losers who are usually affirmed with time as such. In time we learn to grow in strength, to find fulfillment, and whatever losses incurred along the way laid the foundation to actualize with depth our better self. And those losses experienced become more like cleaning out of life clutters we held on to, making room for God’s blessings; whatever God gives, the world cannot take away. And God gives the best; he gives nothing off the clearance rack of life, everything sanctified and prepared with the goodness of his love.

One of the things I learned these past four years is the importance of self-love! Yes, it’s important to be good to others, but when being good is harming you, it’s time to let go and let God. And when the pendulum of life shifts off its axis, everything we cling to as a must, we quickly learn new norms; by making adjustments, either willingly or by force, which proves nothing is permanent, change is a constant, and everything changes, even cement. The greatest difference for meaningful change is becoming transformed, starting with the mind. To acknowledge what’s acceptable, proven viable, and lined up in breeding newness with peace and purpose. There arouses an epiphany enlightening us to see past events, mistakes, disappointments, or hurts as they are and let go, which will recede into the background of our lives in time. That renewed energy will rekindle a freshness and a newness that soothes the senses and leaves us exhaling, to have us expressing, “It’s well with my soul; oh, it is well!”

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