The Rhythm of Life!

Photo by SHVETS production on

 I sat in my car by the lake adjacent to the main transportation artery soaking in the bustling sounds of life in full motion. Vehicles in the distance were speeding in both directions, while sounds of water splashing from boaters on the lake fired up my senses. Tweeting of birds flying around in search of their needs and this lonely duckling who was only too eager to see me pulled into the lakefront made me feel like a part of the rhythm of life.

My newfound feathery friends were willing to stay close enough not to miss the pieces of cake tossed in their directions from the driver’s window. It was a mutual encounter as we quietly enjoyed our cake, no talking, tweeting, or quacking; we were focused on the feat at hand; enjoying the delicious cake. The duck eagerly gobbles up what ended up in its space while the birds, a bit threatened, stayed at a safe distance picking up their crumbs.

In 2017 due to an injury, I had to stop working, and over the years, I’ve had periods of that sense of being suspended in time, while at other times, it’s laughable. Well, yesterday was of those days. Yes, guys, I tried capturing the moments on my phone, but my feathery friends weren’t in the mood to stand still long enough for my vanity. Yes, they were about to help me eat the piece of cake I brought, but that’s where it ended; there would be no picture taking with them, and they saw to that!

After the duckling, birds, and I finished the cake, we parted company. They left me alone with my thoughts. Watching the duckling wobble away, I couldn’t help but smile. Who knew I would be spending mid-morning during the week feeding birds as part of engaging life? In the past, it would be a work day. However, one of the pay-offs of living in a tropical setting is always so much life buzzing around, and I still have difficulties identifying some of the creatures I come across. Each day can be unpredictable, but my goal is not only to be in the moment but make the moment worthwhile in its simplicity by finding meaning in it. Sometimes, those unplanned moments give us a clear focus on what’s important; what do you think?

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